Interesting Festival in Asia

Asia is a lovely continent and has influenced everyone across the world in terms of culture, tradition and practices. There are some interesting facts about Asia, which leave you totally enchanted and surprised.

For example Vietnam in Asia has a New year called Tet which is usually celebrated sometime late in winter and goes on for many days. It begins at this time and then ends only in the end of January and beginning of February. The Tet tradition has it the New Year is like a birthday and is accordingly celebrated. Usually Vietnamese measure the age according to the number of Lunar months they have seen. Tet is celebrated as per the lunar calendar so a baby will be one year old on the first Tet even if he is born just a few days before Tet.

Vietnam Tet Festival Tet Tradition

Similarly Thai New Year is celebrated from April 13 to April 15. This is called the Songkran festival and is a major tourist attraction. Songkran means astrological passage and the main feature of this festival is to spray a mixture of talc powder and flour on each other. The celebration earlier had a lot of spiritual value. The water was poured over Buddha statues and people would take the water to pour on their family and children. Today it is a free festival and everyone loves to come here and play in the water. It is a beautiful sight to see Korea awakening to this unique festival.

Songkran festival in Thai Songkran festival

Did you know, North Korea does not celebrate Christmas? This is a non existent thing here and instead the birth of Kim Jung Il’s mother is celebrated on December 24. North Koreans do not adopt Western Culture due to a past when a woman was tortured for helping to take Christians out of the country. Constitution Day is celebrated instead on December 27.

Practices and customs vary, yet interesting facts about Asia are not without importance.

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