Innsbruck – The capital of the Alps

Innsbruck – The capital of the Alps

Urban city life and rugged alpine scenery! In no other place will you experience this inseparable connection between city and nature; welcome to Innsbruck, Austria.

Up to seven cable cars can take you to the surrounding mountains, the Nordketten cable car only takes 20 minutes directly from the Old Town. In no time at all you'll be 2000 metres altitude, enjoying the beautiful views over the Austrian Alps; with the city beneath your feet.

Innsbruck – Capital of the Alps with the Nordkette mountain chain

Innsbruck is known as the Capital of the Alps and it truly stands up to its name, in the summer, you can partake in skiing, snowboarding and freeriding; the list goes on. The brave ones can even do some Olympic bobsledding, where you can reach speeds of up to 120km/h,


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