I’ll be damned! Beavers are Devon’s latest visitor attraction

After an absence from England of at least 500 years, beavers have been found living in the wild in east Devon. But the rodents aren’t keen on the spotlight

The farmer knelt down by one of the dead sheep and pointed to the tell-tale signs of a lynx kill. “Damn rewilding experts!” he growled. “These beasts are natural born killers. My kids don’t go outside any more.” As if on cue, the howling started: not lynxes, but the Devon wolfpack, in the shadows and hungry. The bears would be on their way too, no doubt. Raising their flaming torches, the farmers cocked their automatic rifles. “Them bears took a man off the high street in Budleigh Salterton last night. We’d best be getting back to the fort.”

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