Hospitality sweet: meet the Brits who escaped to run hotels abroad

“We feel lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world …” From the Dordogne to the Philippines, Brits tell how they left homes and jobs in the UK to start new lives abroad – as hoteliers

Off-grid hideaways in the woods don’t get much better than these three cabins in the Dordogne. They’re the sort that inspire dreams of downsizing and doing important things with your life – like fishing and baking bread. They have just the right mixture of hobbity idiosyncrasy and complete practicality. The most difficult decision is whether to swim in the lake or fall asleep on the raft. Diane, 50, and Bob Kirkwood, 53, bought a ruined house on mad impulse during a trip to France and started working on the property as a holiday project.

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