Historical Delights in the Lincoln Memorial

Tours to North America are filled with sights of the most fascinating monuments and the most interesting structures. The Lincoln Memorial is one such structure located on the western end of the National Mall and is an example of a neoclassical monument. Dedicated to the 16th President this is a fantastic memorial designed by Henry Bacon. It is around 190 feet tall and 119 feet wide and is at least 100 feet high. With around 36 fluted Doric columns surrounding the monument, tours here never cease to be enchanting. These 36 structures represent the 36 states of the Union. There are sights of the carved inscriptions of the Second Inaugural Address by Lincoln and his Address at Gettysburg.

Lincoln Memorial in Washington

The sole figure Lincoln is seen in the central hall between the south and the north chambers. It is a wonderful sight to see the figure sitting in contemplation. The Piccirilli brothers carved the statue under the supervision of Daniel Chester French who sculpted the structure. With the Lincoln statue going up to 19 feet high and weighing 175 tons, the sight is interesting, enchanting, and intriguing. The initial plan was for the statue to be around ten feet. But this was later on altered so that the Lincoln figure would not have to be reduced  due to the chamber’s size. In 1867, there was a commission to plan the construction of a monument just after Lincoln died. This initial design had 31 pedestrian statues and 6 equestrian structures. All these were gigantic sizes with a 12 foot size stature of Lincoln in the middle. This never began, as there were no funds. The Congress then allowed the commencement of this structure in the year 1910. The memorial started being constructed in 1914 and was opened to the public in the year 1922.

Lincoln Memorial Structures

Today the Lincoln Memorial is open to the public and it has innumerable visitors visiting this beautiful haven of historical intrigue.

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