‘Here in Jämtland, people will ski during their lunch break’

Champion freerider Reine Barkered on the food, ski trails – and gruff characters – of his mountainside home in northern Sweden

My first memory is being in a backpack as my Dad skied down a mountain. The whole family were skiers: my Mum crashed when she was pregnant with me. As I grew up though, here in Jämtland, I got bored with Alpine skiing – it was too serious – and moved to freeriding, where we hike up mountainsides then ski down, through forests, over cliffs. It’s definitely more fun. My first ever championship run was in California, but it ended disastrously when I got stuck in a tree after about five seconds. I did manage to get better though, and went on to win the World Tour title at Verbier a couple of years later.

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