Help stop poaching: go on safari in Africa

As tourist numbers in east and southern Africa fall due to terrorism fears, local incomes and anti-poaching patrols drop too – which is when the poachers step in

Read the Foreign Office advice on travel to Kenya and you’d be forgiven for avoiding the place altogether. Words like terrorism, piracy, kidnapping and violence are splattered through it like bullets. Although this advice refers to the coast and Somali border, the entire country is suffering. According to Kenyan government statistics, British visitor numbers have fallen by more than a third since 2012 (from 185,976 to 117,201 in 2014).

Paul Goldstein, a guide for Exodus and co-owner of Kenya-based Kicheche Camps, says: “If the tourists don’t go on safari, there are no eyes on the ground and the locals don’t get paid. The poachers move in.”

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