Happy Lei Day, Hawaii!

Happy Lei Day, Hawaii!

It's International Workers' Day here or Labour Day in America, but in the Aloha State of Hawaii, an island-wide celebration is taking place called Lei Day.

It was made an official holiday in 1929 and has become increasingly popular ever since. But why is it important and what does the day involve?

The significance of the lei itself

The Lei is a visual representation of the word 'aloha', a word that means many things in the Hawaiian language, such as greetings but also more important implications such as love, laughter and hope.

To those who aren't in the know, the lei is a type of garland made from flowers. To celebrate the day, Hawaiians often spend the morning making as many as possible. It is believed that in 2008 a mile's worth was made. It's important to note that once given a lei,

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