Griffin Survivor All-Terrain iPad Air Case Protects Against the Rigors of Travel

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The Murphy’s Law of travel gear is that, if you travel long enough, you’ll ruin your stuff eventually. Drops, spills, mud, dirt … you name it, it’s bound to happen.

And it’s especially painful when that “something” is, say, your new table PC or iPad Air. Griffin’s new Survivor All-Terrain case promises to protect against it all.

Griffin Survivor All-Terrain iPad Air Case

The case is built for Department of Defense MIL-STD-810G military standards and extreme-duty (read: anything a traveler can throw at it) protection. The frame is constructed of shatter-resistant polycarbonate, wrapped in a rugged, impact-absorbing silicone. All of which means it’s designed to protect against sand, rain, dust, impact (from 6.6-foot/2 meter drops onto concrete), vibration, and other environmental factors.

Hinged plugs seal the headphone jack and dock/power connector when not in use. An anti-scratch screen shield protects the touchscreen, while a clear, protective guard covers the camera. The case also includes a multi-position work stand for typing and viewing videos. Lastly, the design of the Survivor ensures the iPad’s built-in fingerprint scanner remains fully accessible.

Bottom line: short of taking your iPad Air scuba diving, you’ll be prepared against just about anything.

Pricing + Availability

Available now in Black/Black, Black/Blue, or Pink/Black for around $80 USD directly from Griffin.

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