Greek island holiday guide: the north-east Aegean

This disparate group of islands stretches from the Greek mainland across the Aegean to the coast of Turkey. Many remain off the beaten track to foreign visitors but reward them with deserted beaches and excellent seafood tavernas

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Some islands fall easily into groups, others are left hanging and are gathered into more arbitrary designations. The latter is true of the north-east Aegean, which includes a hodgepodge of islands stretching from lush Samos in the south – just off the coast of Turkey – up to Thassos, 400km to the north and closer to Bulgaria than it is to Athens.

In between are an isolated stretch of islands, often far apart from each other and not well connected. Perhaps because of this, and the difficulty of labelling them easily together, these islands are often overlooked. For those prepared to travel a bit further afield, this is a bonus as, apart from midsummer, they tend to be uncrowded and unspoilt.

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