Gaudí’s partner in iconic Barcelona design finally gets the limelight

Josep Maria Jujol’s contribution to Gaudí’s Barcelona masterpieces, and those he created himself in Catalonia, have been overlooked. A new documentary seeks to give him the recognition he deserves

Visitors to Barcelona will all sooner or later find themselves in Antoni Gaudí’s fairytale Park Güell, admiring the view of the city from one of the sinuous benches made up of fragments of coloured tiles. For many, the benches of Park Güell are the essence of Gaudí, but they are in fact the work of another artist and architect, Josep Maria Jujol.

“When tourists go to Parc Güell, what do they look at? They look at Jujol’s work,” says the architect’s son, also Josep Maria. “I mean, what they most rave about in Gaudí’s work is Jujol’s contribution.”

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