From the Coupon Kid to Netflix and Chill – the best of the week’s travel stories

Blogger Jordon Cox’s long but thrifty journey home, travel photography with a twist, and a Wi-Fi versus wine conundrum

You can always trust National Geographic to pull together the kind of travel snaps that make you melt a bit inside, then stare longingly into space as you picture yourself adventuring in an unfamiliar land. The images shortlisted for its 2016 UK photography contest are no different, capturing polar bears in Svalbard, fishermen in Burma and dancers in India.

The photograph that caught our eye the most was Cindy-Lou Dale’s stunning, rainbow-hued shot of a fruit seller, taken from the balcony of the Nelson Mandela suite at the Soweto Hotel. The full selection of images can be seen on the National Geographic website and the winners will be announced at the Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show on 13 February. @will_coldwell

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