From Paris with Løve: DJ Sven Hansen-Løve on the French capital’s club scene

The subject and co-writer of Eden, a new film that chronicles Paris’s exploding dance music scene through the 1990s, shares his tips on the city’s nightlife

The first parties I went to in Paris were raves in really underground places, like the party you see in the beginning of the film. They would take place in chateaux or warehouses in the suburbs. Some were put on by UK promoters looking for places after the crack down on raves in the UK. One of the first I remember was on the roof of the Pompidou Centre. They did three parties up there, which were great.

I first met electro duo Daft Punk – who were a huge part of the scene and who feature in the film – in 1993 at a massive rave called EuroDisney near Disneyland Paris. There were two big rooms: one was for techno but bigger was the garage room – a lot of people came from the UK especially for that.

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