French (almost) without tears: a summer school break in France

Just when you thought school was out … mum books a holiday with language lessons, in Morzine, and signs up for classes, too

It’s perhaps not surprising that there wasn’t universal enthusiasm about a holiday at a French language school. I did my best to rebrand it as a French fun camp, but my attempts were met with weary cynicism by Rose, 13 – who wrote “Make escape plan” on her hand on the first day – and William, 11. “Why would anyone want to spend part of the summer holidays in a classroom?” they asked.

To begin with, maintaining a front of unflinching good humour in the face of their gloom was hard work. Gradually, though, they were won over. I wouldn’t say they were exactly skipping to catch the morning bus to classes, but by the end of our stay they were certainly scowling a lot less.

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