Forget the kids’ club – here is the best kind of family holiday

All children really want from a holiday is attention from their parents – even if they’re teenagers. So ditch the tech and engage them in chats, banter and eye contact

This summer’s trip is, without question, going to be the world’s worst holiday. That is the current view from two thirds of my family, namely our four children (who are all fully blown teenagers, or just about to be). The trip in question? Ten days walking in the French Alps. Without much in the way of screen, console or shopping time, but – as I take pleasure in reminding them – with lots in the way of hearty exercise and family time. Which is how I like it. Especially with Scrabble as an optional extra.

“Bare boring,” is the summary from our 17-year-old son, who is loudly and openly plotting to escape (apparently via Uber) to Geneva airport, to catch a plane that will bring him back to Heathrow in time for the Reading festival. Good luck with that one. His bank account shows he has £67 to his name.

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