Forget selfies! The latest holiday accessory is a professional photographer

The trend for uploading holiday photos on social media has led one travel company to include a personal photographer to document your trip and deliver a daily supply of Instagram-friendly images for you to share online

It’s difficult not to feel insecure scrolling through the Instagram feed of El Camino Travel. Svelte, well-dressed travellers dance in front of brightly painted doorways on Latin American streets, plunge into crystal clear waters, and generally look like they’re having a better holiday than you ever will. They’re certainly having a more beautiful one.

Still, it’s easier to look good when you’ve got a personal photographer in tow – and El Camino includes a professional snapper as part of the package on its small group tours in Colombia and Nicaragua. The photographer will deliver dozens of images to you each morning that “you can immediately share on social media”. Launched last year and with tours already sold out for 2015, it’s one of a growing number of travel companies capitalising on the desire among travellers to capture their trip in stunning photographs and, perhaps more significantly, share them online.

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