Fink’s Fin Greenall on culture, festivals and heartbreak in Prague

Beyond the touristy Old Town, local culture is thriving in the Czech capital, says the Fink frontman who loves its amazing art and music venues, not to mention fantastic food and drink at low prices

I first fell in love with Prague in 1990, just after the Velvet Revolution. I was inter-railing around Europe with my girlfriend and we were besotted with the place. We stayed in a campsite for 20p a night and couldn’t buy an onion because the decimal currency wouldn’t go that low. You had to buy a bag! We lived like kings.

We looked into buying a place here. We loved the Jewish quarter. It was a really incredible part of town, especially the Spanish Synagogue, which is beautiful. We looked at this two-bedroom apartment in the Old Town. Back then, it cost £30k. We came very close – I wish we had.

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