Exciting Tours in Sorata

Situated in the beautiful region between Lake Titicaca and La Paz, the lovely sleepy locale of Sorata is a base camp for all the visitors who want to have adventure and excitement in their travels. Hike up the mountains of the majestic Cordillera Real and enjoy the granite slopes here, which provide you with the best experiences in these beautiful plains. The widest part of the Andes Mountains is the Altiplano, which is an attraction in Bolivia. Then you have the towering peaks here, which are over the range around 20,000 feet high. Adventure enthusiasts come to this spot to prepare and plan for the exciting treks and the amazing experiences.

Visit the Casa Gunther here, which is a historic mansion that now has the Residencial Sorata. Constructed in the year 1895 this was the home of the Richters, which is a quinine trading family and was then taken over by the Gunthers.

Residencial Sorata

Then you have the Plaza General Enrique Penaranda, which is the main square here and is the prime attraction here. As you go up in the town hall, you have the plaza, which is the Alcadia Museum, which is free. It has many artifacts, which are from the Inca Market site, which is found near the Laguna Chillata. You also have an exhibit of old festival clothing here.

Visit the beautiful places here with the best view of the nevados or the snow capped mountain peaks. You have wonderful date palms and magnificent gardens gracing the entire region and the simple sight of the surroundings here make things fascinating here.

Go to the Gruta de San Pedro, which is a major area for excursions, which are very popular here. The 400 m deep cave is located within a lagoon and is not a place where one can swim, but where one can surely enjoy in pedal boats in the lagoon.

Gruta de San Pedro View

Visit Sorata and take back with you wonderful tour delights.

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