English in Germany

English in Germany

Teaching English abroad isn't as easy as you might think. Our guest writer Jade from the GKBC Writers Academy shares her experience with us.

What springs to mind when you think of Germany? A country whose inhabitants while away the hours dressed in Lederhosen, drinking beer and eating wurst? A land of strict organisation and “Vorsprung durch Technik” whose population are still struggling to cope with its troubled history?

Certainly all of these stereotypes crossed my mind before spending nine months in this fabulous country, teaching its youth all about the infernally complex language that is English.

What I discovered however was a country of friendly, welcoming people with a huge fondness for cake in the afternoon, inch-thick Nutella spread on warm bread rolls, and the work of the devil that is “Sprudelwasser” (carbonated water) and which is everywhere.

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