Enchanting Pleasures at Table Mountain

Visit South Africa and come back with valued delights from Table Mountain a beautiful land filled with cherishable delights. This is a natural site that has a constellation of starts named after it. This is a fascinating land form and has withstood six million years of eroded pleasures.

Table Mountain has around 1470 floral species. With the most fascinating endangered species and rare animals, it is a very recognized site in Cape Town which is viewed as the gateway to Africa and has the best sights of flat topped peaks, which rise upto 1086 m above the sea level.

Table Mountain South Africa

The level plateau and the enriching surroundings are the best sights of travel and tours here. With the Devil’s Peak surrounding this area, the beauty of the ambience is something worth enjoying. The natural amphitheatre that is formed by the Table Bay harbour and the City Bowl is certainly worth the trip here. The Maclear’s Beacon is the highest point of the Table Mountain and is a stone cairn that was constructed in the year 1865 by Sir Thomas Maclear.

There are cliffs on the main plateau and the Platteklip Gorge or the Flat Stone Gorge divides it into two. This makes the climb to the summit very easy. In fact, the first ascent was recorded in the mountain in the year 1503.

Platteklip Gorge in Table Mountain

Orographic clouds are a common formation here and this happens when the south easterly wind is directed on to the slopes of the mountain into colder air. Moisture completely condenses to form a table cloth like scene. This cloudy covering forms the visual beauty of the place.

Lying at the northernmost tip of the Cape Peninsula spine, this is indeed a place worth visiting simply for its natural beauty and beautiful structures.

There is something very intriguing and special which makes Table Mountain a perfect attraction for all travelers.

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