Do Machu Picchu from your sofa, thanks to Google Street View

The Inca site is the latest, and one of the most ambitious, world attractions to be mapped by Google Street View. On an exclusive trip, we joined the team as they captured Machu Picchu on camera for the armchair traveller

Things get meta pretty quickly when you’re hanging out with the team from Google. I realise this on day one of the web giant’s project to map Machu Picchu, as we amble up to a popular viewpoint and stare into the thick mountain mist cloaking the citadel. Senior staff engineer Daniel Filip has just put on the backpack-mounted Trekker camera, the clouds are clearing, and we’re ready to go.

Seconds later we’re spotted by a pair of Australian tourists. “Are you the Google guy?” asks one. “It’s Google! It’s him!” He walks up to the Trekker, stares into the camera and waves. “Hey mum!” Then he takes a selfie.

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