Discover affordable Scandinavia: readers’ travel tips

Swim in Sweden, drive in Norway and take a locals’ tour in Denmark or Finland. The best things in life aren’t as pricey as you feared if you’re ready to explore

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You’ll find this 1920s Swedish bathhouse and open sea lido a half hour’s train ride from Stockholm city centre. Saltisbadet is run by a group of volunteers, who restored it after decades of neglect. The main building, three-tiered and entirely made of wood, juts into the sea and is flanked by a little beach and sailing boats. A restaurant on the deck serves simple, delicious Swedish food. There is no better place to let a day drift by. Have a sauna, go for a swim, snooze in a deckchair, and jump off the roof (more pirate ship plank than diving board) into the sea – if you’re feeling brave enough.
Admission £6,

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