Delights of Quito Churches

Also called the “La Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus” this is one of the popular Quito churches of Colombia. Constructed in the 1600s the design of the church is said to be a great example of Baroque architectural forms. The major attraction here is the use of the gold leaf, which has been used throughout, in the central nave of the church. This is indeed very breathtaking and provides you with ideal travel delights.

The Jesuit started to work on this church sometime in the year 1605 and it was Marcos Guerra who came to the city in 1613 and did a wonderful job of the architecture. Work started on the façade in 1772 and got completed only in 1765 which was sometime on the eve of the time the Jesuits got expelled. With the best combination of plateresque and baroque styles, there are six Salomon columns, which surround the main entrance. These pillars have all been done on the American style of architecture.

La Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus In Quito

There are Corinthian pillars, which are found by the side doors. There is a stylebato with panels that have been carved on the Renaissance style. There are leaves and suns that decorate the frieze. Acanthus leaves support the cornice, which gets converted into an arch over the main door. There are angels and cherubims, which surround a statue here. There is another part that is really ornamented well, and this is done in the platereque style. This is a style that has been made with two columns, which has left space for the huge windows with the ideal combination of a fantastic kind of architecture.

La Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus Churches Interior

The harmony here with the friezes and columns, blends well in the moldings and sculptures. There is surely an intriguing beauty about this place.

The Quito churches form a mainstay of wonderful architecture and valuable displays of past constructions and elegance.

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