Create your ideal volunteer experience with Peas on Earth

Create your ideal volunteer experience with Peas on Earth

Turn your dreams of an African rural retreat into a reality! Peas on Earth is an owner-run small-holding just off the Wild Coast of South Africa. Surrounded by some of the outstanding natural beauty of this country, we offer enthusiastic, energetic gap year travellers an exciting opportunity incorporating everything from abseiling to horse whispering; regenerating the soil, to rejuvenating your soul; learning from others to teaching others to learn.

Visitors to Peas on Earth can choose to participate in any one of our three projects, or combine them in any permutation to create their ideal volunteering experience. In addition, we organise weekend activities around the Eastern Cape. The Eastern Cape is renown at South Africa’s adventure destination of choice, with everything from bungee jumping and abseiling to close encounters with the Big Five! Are you up for it?



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