Couchsurfing the West Coast

Couchsurfing the West Coast

Sarah Whiteley is one of the Internship Officers at The University of Birmingham. Sarah is the person who deals with all internships, work placements for students in the College of Arts and Law. This is her amazing story of a once in a lifetime Couchsurfing adventure with boyfriend Mike in the grand old U S of A… and Canada.

Sitting on a worn canvas chair in a forest clearing, I toasted s'mores over a crackling fire as the sun shrank behind the trees. In just one day, I'd seen the pristine Crater Lake, shot a 9mm hand gun and ridden a stranger’s quad bike. As the fire's embers danced and glowed and I shared stories with new friends, I realised that this was Couchsurfing at its best.

For someone who likes planning and routine, the concept


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