Costa Brava: is the unfashionable sun resort about to become hip again?

A travel company is betting that tourist spots once considered uncool are about to be rediscovered by a new generation

The most important thing about travelling these days, as everyone knows, is what it will look like on Instagram. You have done the arms-aloft pose shot from behind on a big hill after a hike, the inflatable unicorn in the infinity pool and the Aperol spritz on the rooftop. But what you need for 2018 is somewhere new, somewhere undiscovered. The holiday company Thomas Cook is pushing two new untouched – by any tourist under 30, I mean – destinations for 2018: Costa Brava and Madeira. They have been reintroduced for next year, and the company is describing them, along with Malta, as “retro holiday spots”, adding there has been a spike in demand for all three.

This comes as the travel industry is already trying to reinvent cruising for millennials, with ships offering yoga classes, racetracks and DJs. Could these previously rather naff 60s package-holiday spots take over from Mexico and Iceland as the must-see millennial destinations?

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