Chicago prohibition-style: a city still married to the mob

As dry January draws to a close, get into the spirit(s) again with Saptarshi Ray’s foray into Chicago’s prohibition-era jazz and cocktail bars, accompanied by gangster-themed tours of the city. Capiche?
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As “South Side”, our moustachioed, fedora-toting guide, points out the bullet holes that pockmark the cornerstone on the north wall of the grand, gothic Holy Name Cathedral, a dishevelled middle-aged man in a red anorak is tapping at the door of our tour bus.

“The bullet holes you can see in the stone come from a hit in 1926, on Earl “Hymie” Weiss, a member of the O’Banion gang – Al Capone’s main rivals, ” says the guide while the man in red still taps away, getting more insistent and animated.

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