Chef Karen Dudley on Cape Town, South Africa

Even the locals remain constantly dazzled by the vistas, but once you tear your eyes from Table Mountain, there is a wealth of culture and food to devour in Cape Town

I’m a born-and-bred Capetonian, and might be biased, but Cape Town is the most beautiful city in the world. We live and breathe the mountains and the sea, and the amazing views.

When you first get here, it’s hard to understand how the peninsula works – there’s this little jut of land and mountain. On one side, there’s the warm Indian Ocean and, on the other, the cold Atlantic. It might be touristy, but it’s worth doing a red bus tour to get a feel for the lay of the land and the different areas. Another fun thing to do is take the train from Cape Town to Simon’s Town: a one-hour journey. The train hugs the coast in parts and you can stop off at some wonderful places.

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