Cheap vodka and giant castles: the joy of Interrail

Is the railway rite of passage really under threat, as Nicky Morgan suggests? Not likely, says one former train-powered adventurer

My baptism as an independent traveller began, aged 18, in July 2007 with a 36-hour train journey from London to Budapest. I left with three friends and, flanked by dozens of other school leavers, travelled across the continent with the help of the few hundred quid we had saved and an Interrail youth pass.

This week, this beloved rite of passage – a month of almost unrestricted train travel around Europe for a bargain £326 – was sucked into the muck of the EU referendum debate. Nicky Morgan (AKA the most down-with-the-kidz Tory currently available for media events) argued that leaving the EU would mean denying young people the chance to Interrail safely and easily around Europe. One of these reasons, according to Morgan, is that Brexit would mean travellers would no longer be covered by European health insurance.

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