Cerro San Cristobal: An Enchanting Destination

Cerro San Cristobal is a hill located in the central part of Northern Santiago in Chile. Raising to a height of more than 880m this is the second highest point in the entire city succeeded only by Cerro Ranca. It was renamed by the San Cristobal family. Initially it was called Tupahue or the Place of God or Gods. The San Cristobal family had a quarry here over the hills on the southern side. The River Mapocho River flows close to this region so it is also called the San Cristobal. It has a statue of Virgin Mary on the top.

It was earlier also used for scientific as well as academic purposes. The Mills observatory was located here and today it is called the Manuel Foster Observatory, which was the twin of the Lick observatory in the University of California. You also have a sanctuary that is dedicated to the Immaculate Conception. The 22 meter statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands alongwith the chapel and an amphitheater. This statue measures around 14 meters in height and the pedestal where it rests is around 8.3 meters. Weighing around 36,610 kilograms, this is a lovely sight and fills your tours with a splendid travel kitty. The statue is lit at night and this is an enchanting sight along with the pleasures of wonderful travel delights.

San Cristobal View Virgin Mary statue at Cerro San Cristobal

The amphitheater at the base of the statue is specially used for holding masses and other religious ceremonies. There is also a small chapel for praying and this takes you down memory lane. The Chilean National Zoo, the Japanese style garden and the municipal pools are major attractions in this part of Chile.

Chilean National Zoo Wildlife Chilean National Zoo Park

Thus Cerro San Cristobal is indeed an enchanting destination.

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