Camping around South America

After four years’ travelling from the Caribbean coast to Patagonia, Paula Dear says camping in deserts, in the shadow of the Andes and by tropical beaches – all for under £10 a night – made her trip to South America

South America is all about the freedom of the great outdoors. That’s what we have been embracing during a 1,500-day, 44,000-mile campervan trip that’s taken my husband Jeremy and I to hundreds of camping spots – from Colombia’s Caribbean coast through deserts and plains, around volcanoes and over the Andes down to the continent’s most southerly tip: wind-whipped Tierra del Fuego.

We’ve woken up on tranquil beaches, beside sparkling highland lakes, at the foot of snowy mountains and in plenty of petrol stations. In four years we’ve learned a thing or two about camping and living with the elements, from hot and bug-infested to downright freezing … and we have never felt more free.

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