Boarding school: How to become a surf instructor in 10 weeks – in South Africa

A 10-week surf safari and volunteering programme along South Africa’s coast culminates in an instructor’s qualification that could set you up for life. We join the new intake

It’s a bright afternoon on Cape Town’s Muizenberg beach and I’m racing down the sand in a wetsuit, stopping to lunge or star-jump as coach Nikita shouts orders. I may want to lie down and weep as I overheat and struggle to keep up, but the group encouragement gets me through the bootcamp-style workout before we jog into the waves for a two-hour surf lesson.

This is day five of a 10-week South African surfing adventure with Ticket to Ride, a British company that runs surf holidays and camps around the world. I’m here to sample its longest trip (also run in Morocco), which offers the chance of qualifying as an instructor at the end – and fitness training is high on the agenda.

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