Back on track: my return to Interrailing 30 years on

Dixe Wills repeats his teenage Interrail odyssey, at a more leisurely pace this time, pausing to reflect on the unique opportunity the 31-country pass offers

Ah, the Interrail experience. How many of us have cherished memories of zipping inexpensively across Europe – delving into new and thrillingly esoteric cultures, befriending the locals, mangling their language beyond all comprehension, and enjoying all manner of mind-broadening episodes that simply wouldn’t have happened in Blighty? Anyone who has known me for more than 15 minutes will have heard my story of the older gentleman in a Copenhagen cemetery who collapsed into uncontrollable fits of laughter when I asked him if he could direct me to the grave of Søren Kierkegaard (pretentious, moi?). “You’ve come looking for Kierkegaard,” he managed to splutter, “at the wrong kierkegaard.”

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