Awesome Berlin

Awesome Berlin

Ultra-modern, cosmopolitan, and exciting are the words that best describe Berlin, one of Europe's top three most visited cities and a favourite among backpackers and UK travellers getting started on their gap year trip.


Berlin's eclectic and vibrant atmosphere has turned the city into one of the main reasons to visit Germany. So what exactly does Berlin have to offer? A multi-cultural population, modern and classical architecture, gorgeous cityscapes, cultural attractions, and one of the most lively nightlife and entertainment scenes in the Old Continent.

Discover the Best of Awesome Berlin

Berlin's urban landscapes will blow your mind away even if you are not into architecture or the arts. The city is packed with grand buildings like the iconic Branderburg Gate, the Reichstag, Museum Island, and Charlottenburg Palace. It makes sense to explore the city with an organised tour, like the


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