Artist Jakob Fenger on Superkilen park, Copenhagen

A radical art and design project has transformed an urban park in the Danish capital, bringing it closer to its diverse local community

One of my favourite spots in Copenhagen is an urban park called Superkilen, in the trendy, diverse district of Nørrebro. The park is divided into three areas: the Red Square has a cafe and an area designated for music and sports; the Black Market has fountains and benches and all those things you associate with town parks; and the Green Park is where people can have picnics, play sport and walk their dogs.

Instead of using the usual city furniture used for parks and public spaces in the area, Superkilen is strewn with objects nominated by people from the local neighbourhood: a diverse area, which is home to over 50 different nationalities. Superflex was involved with this project and asked the local community to choose furniture from their home countries, or from somewhere they had travelled to, which we then would transport to or replicate in the park.

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