Amazing Delights in the Huacachina Tours

Visit the beautiful land of Peru and take back with you wonderful delights of a land that fills your tours with happiness and joy. The city of Ica lying to the south of Lima and Arequipa, welcomes you to the tours of the Huacachina region, which is a lovely desert village, built surrounding a small natural water body. The beautiful sight of the sand dunes and the lovely desert oasis has made this a great attraction for all kinds of adventures and exciting tours. Enjoy the pleasures of sand boarding and buggy rides on the dunes along with the travel delights of being in a fantastic land.

Huacachina Town, Peru

Huacachina is a small town in the southern part of Peru and is just around half an hour from the Pacific Coast. This has a great collection of restaurants and resorts and has beautiful sights and amazing visual delights. There is a blue green Laguna that surrounds the sandy delights here and this image of an antique town is of great interest to tourists and provides you with ideal tour ecstasies in this part of the world. The beauty of a dry desert pleasure along with huge sandy mountains is what makes tours here extremely delightful and makes way for the best of travel memories. Go up to this adventure paradise and enjoy the dune buggies that go up and down the region at top speed. The entire town is very tourism oriented and visitors here throng to enjoy the pleasures of a natural ambience and give you the pleasures of a wonderful tour destination.

Tourist Attractions in Huacachina

Legend has it that every year a mermaid takes a man from the Laguna. Many Peruvians do not know how to swim and hence drown. Another scientific explanation is that the warm waters above the oasis mix with the cool waters below and leads to muscle cramps which causes drowning.

With such delightful experiences and legendary excitement to witness Huacachina is a real marvelous destination.

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