Amazing Delights at Beyoglu in Istanbul tours

While you are touring Europe, the pleasures of being in Istanbul are indescribable. Enjoy visiting Beyoglu.  Famous for being a fascinating shopping hub, this is one place provides ideal entertainment to all and gives the benefits of perfect travels in style. A very busy region, it has some of the best ideal fares to make your tours here memorable. Enjoy the museums, the culture, and the nightlife here and see how well you can make your tours absolutely awe inspiring. There is a sense of calm as you enter the city and this is what makes it even more exciting.

Visit the Pera museum here and experience the delights of being in one of the most important museums in this part of the world. Go to the Istiklal Street and see how best tourists enjoy themselves. There are trams visible here, but walking across this area is a very different experience. As you walk down, the innumerable food, art, and drinks stalls in this beautifully unique region would surprise you.

Pera Museum at Istanbul Istanbul Istiklal Street

Beyoglu  is a part of the trade colony of the Genoese, Galata and dates back to the time of the Venetians. When Istanbul got conquered, the colony still existed. It is also known as the Pera district, and is part of Galata, a trade colony of the Genoese. The Venetians formed it during the Byzantine times. Gradually as the Turkish Republic came into rule, Beyoglu lost its importance and became a local tourist hub in Istanbul tours.

You may shop for all the antiques or old maps, books, stamps etc .The most important landmarks of Beygolu are the magnificent Galata Tower and the wonderful Galta Whirling Dervish hall.

Pera at Galata Genoese Dervishes Perform at Galta Whirling Dervish hall

Beygolus is easily accessible by walking from near by Taksim on the Istikal Street. You could also take a turn from Karakoy and reach.

With memorable pleasures of unbelievable delights, Beygolu is a wonderful travel destination in Istanbul tours.

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