Adventurous Escapades in Galapagos Islands

Ecuador is a beautiful region to visit and fills your travels with amazing experiences and equally beautiful tour memories. Galapagos Islands are an enchanting destination, which gives you valuable travel experiences and equally amazing tour experiences. Enjoy the wildlife and feel the beauty of the sub oceanic lava, which is a part of the ocean floor. Galapagos today is a collection of around 60 islands and the main ones are Isabela, Fernandina, James, San Cristobal, and Santa Cruz.

Around 960 kilometres from the mainland, the climate here is very pleasant and moderate. From the months of June to December, the air brings in a pleasant climate and the equatorial current brings a dry kind of season. Most of the flora and fauna seem to be an inspiration from Charles Darwin’s theory of Origin of Species. The huge tortoises, the charming land iguanas, and the beautiful fauna enthrall a person and fill your travels with the best kind of travel kitty.

Galapagos Islands See View

Galapagos Islands have the best of scuba diving pleasures and with the beautiful dive; boats that take you around the islands are exciting as well as adventurous. Enjoy the atolls and the submarine wonderland. There are beautiful shallows of sunken volcano, which are a constant visual delight. This is an absolute mix of fish and corals and as you enjoy the sights of these beautiful creatures, you would want to come back for more. Add to this the sights of the sharks and you are in a perfectly heavenly destination. The islands are biologically sensitive and all the trips here are ideally taken with a licensed guide. Tourists come here, experience the pleasures of a greatly interesting destination, and take back with them a valuable travel kitty.

Diving Experience at Galapagos Island

Enjoy the memorable tours to the beautiful region of Galapagos Islands and bring back cherished experiences of wonderful destinations.

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