Adventures at Los Glaciares

The Los Glaciares National park is a lovely area of stunning natural beauty along with huge mountains towered over the mountains and meeting innumerable glacial lakes. See the Lake Argentino, which is a 160 km long beautiful water body. Three glaciers meet and dump their effluvia into the glacial water. This gives rise to huge igloo icebergs into the water body with resounding sounds of water splashing.

A certain beauty prevails making this fascinating destination a wonderful place to be in with the 47 glaciers giving more than the best tour ecstasies. There are at least 200 glaciers, which are entirely based on the ice filed. This is in fact the best place in South America to provide you with the pleasures of a wonderful tour delight. The icebergs dominate the visual delight bringing a spark of excitement into your tours. Los Glaciares has many enthralling, enchanting and visually pleasing glaciers. At times these glaciers advance so much that the snout gets cut off the usual escape stream of water bodies like Lake Rico. These form a natural dam, which floods the areas around it. When the glacier goes back due to the heat of the sun, there is a wall of water that comes roaring down the valley.

Los Glaciares National Park

The park has two kinds of vegetation one is the Patagonian steppe and the subantarctic Patagonian forest which enhance the wildlife of the park. The main wildlife here are the birds like the geese, ducks, Chilean flamingos, Andean condor etc. The Andean Condor is the largest bird in the entire world and the Darwin’s Rhea also dominate the grassland. The southern Andean huemul adds to the visual delight.

Tourist Attraction in Los Glaciares National Park

The Los Glaciares is thus a wonderful paradise in Argentina worth visiting.

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