Adventure Tales in Fort Zeelandia in Suriname Tours

Suriname was earlier the colony of Duth Guiana and is a lovely country in South America. With the North Atlantic Ocean in the northern side, it has the magnificent French Guiana to the east, Guyana to the west and Brazil to the south. This is in fact the smallest independent country in the fascinating continent of South America. There are many places of interest here and the Fort Zeelandia is one such intriguing place of interest, which attracts tourists from across the world.

Fort Zeelandia is a magnificent fortress in Paramaribo in Suriname. The British colonists built tthis sometime in the year 1651 around a small trading post, which was discovered by the Dutch. The Dutch took it back as Niew Amsterdam, which was later called New York. Then it was traded for Suriname and today we have this beautiful place called Fort Zeelandia in 1667.

Fort Zeelandia in Suriname

The land of Suriname got independent in the year 1975 during the Desi Bouterse military government. This fort was established and it augments the start of the origin of the city of Paramaribo. Earlier there were some brick and wooden houses near the stone fortress. Today the earlier training area is called independence square. It was called the Government Square in those days and today it is called the Orange Square.

Fort Zeelandia Fort Zeelandia Front View

Today there is a connection between the other buildings and the main fort in the fortified area and the square and it is periodically disturbed by the hermetically closed area of Buitensocieteit Het Park. Today this is the Suriname Parliament. The entire area in the earlier days was a mix of warm timber, sturdy stone under a beautiful mahogany canopy and a vast grassy stretch, which had beautiful buildings surrounding it. The visual delight of the river at one side was another delight to all.

Structures of Fort Zeelandia Fort Zeelandia Inside View

The simple sights of visiting the Fort Zeelandia is something irresistibly charming and travelers love to come here and enjoy going back to the past.

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