Adventure and culture awaits in beautiful Bhutan

Adventure and culture awaits in beautiful Bhutan

Remote, beautiful, and packed with mesmerising landscapes, Bhutan is the ultimate gap year for anyone looking to experience something completely different and get out off the beaten path. Here are some ideas to help you plan your trip.



Just like the rest of this beautiful Himalayan nation, Thimpu is a place like no other, and definitely a far cry from all other Asian cities. Thimpu sits at the bottom of a gorgeous valley and is encircled by a river of beautiful turquoise waters. The city's setting is enough to impress most travellers, but there's more. Here you can experience the best of Bhutan tourism, visiting its colourful markets, learning about traditional Bhutanese medicine, or going people watching along the river. There are also a few swanky nightclubs in the city, mostly around areas like The Zone and the UNDP building.




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