Abseil away … to Pembrokeshire’s secret seascapes

Pembrokeshire’s glorious coastline gets understandably busy – but there are hidden cliffs, coves and caves to explore. The catch? To reach them you’ll need to climb, swim or canoe

Have you ever wanted to plant your foot where no foot has been before? Is it necessary to do like Bear Grylls or Steve Backshall, tackling terrifying climbs and delving deep inside the most remote corners of the Earth? You’d need Steve’s physique and a broadcaster’s budget, wouldn’t you? Actually, no – you can just go to Pembrokeshire.

I’d been watching the social media posts of a guy called Henry Castle for some time. There was usually a photo of an amazing cliff above a turquoise sea and a pristine strand of golden beach. Then Henry would write something like, “New routes to be done here”, or “No one’s been here for years!” I gave him a ring.

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