A short guide to French cuisine

A short guide to French cuisine

In days of old, many of those that one might call ‘culinary inexperienced’ have helped perpetuate a myth that French food is to be sniffed at. But they are of course wrong. Because generally, when a said naysayer has tried the country’s delicacies, they have been wowed with how delicious the nation’s fare really is. And it’s not just the capital, Paris that holds its own; the land’s provinces boast many dishes that are highly revered. Here’s a mere selection of the many entrées that are on offer.

Hachis Parmentier

In French cuisine, hachis parmentier is considered ‘haute cuisine’, but don’t let that alarm you. A fan of Sheppard’s Pie will surely find this meal tremendously appetising.  In short, it’s quality ground beef and

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