A magical, green walk along Paris’s Promenade Plantée

At times 10 metres above street level, this free, scenic three-mile stroll from the Bastille to the Bois de Vincennes was the world’s first elevated park walkway – and has become a cherished part of the city

Paris has some of Europe’s most beautiful parks but for something different search out the Promenade Plantée. It’s a magical, green stroll 10 metres above the street, which begins at the Bastille and winds through the 12th arrondissement for three miles, coming out before the Bois de Vincennes.

When a long-abandoned mid-19th century viaduct was converted into the world’s first elevated park walkway in 1993, most locals thought it a waste of money. Parisians needed time to take a project like this to heart, but now the Promenade is a cherished landmark.

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