5 things you need to know about Toronto

5 things you need to know about Toronto

The capital of the Great White North is a city that can happily call itself a cosmopolitan utopia. As its vibrant districts are filled to the brim with amazing things to see and do, it stands tall alongside any other global city in the world.

Unlike its southern counterparts like New York, however, the city's many interesting facts aren't as well known. But that's all about to change with our rundown of some great bits of trivia that is sure to make you want to take a detour on your next American road trip.

It's one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world

As a hugely welcoming city, Toronto has the highest rate of immigration per capita in the world. This has resulted in the city being a melting pot of many, many nationalities. Over 12% of which are, in fact, from

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