10 of the best restaurants near Rome’s major attractions

Eating near the Eternal City’s famous landmarks needn’t mean tourist menus and pricey pizza. These handy trattorias and wine bars will still leave some change for the Trevi fountain

Carb-load at Be.Re. before a visit to the Vatican Museums, the largest and most physically demanding monument in town. Be.Re.’s gleaming copper bar pours craft beer from Italy and abroad, while the adjacent annex serves trapizzini (around €4), a recently invented take on the pizza: a trapizzino is a thick slices of sourdough bread filled to order with typical Roman dishes such as simmered oxtail, chicken alla cacciatora, and tongue with parsley sauce. The hearty innovation is the perfect embodiment of Rome’s modern food traditions: economical, thoughtfully prepared, and rooted in the flavours of the past.
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