10 of the best cocktail bars in Chicago

Some of Chicago’s historic bars have been around since the prohibition era and retain an air of 1920s glamour, and even the newcomers doff their fedora to the speakeasy. All serve a mean cocktail

Party like it’s 1929: Chicago’s prohibition-style bars

Quite simply, the boss. Like a beautifully preserved Spitfire that not only still flies but offers skydiving tours, the Green Mill gives you all the thrills of going back in time. This joyous jazz joint has it all: authenticity without feeling like you shouldn’t touch anything; a crowd that likes to dress up but is not snooty; cocktails next to a bottle of Schlitz with a chaser Jeppson’sMalört, the city’s own super-hardcore liquor. “You can’t get more Chicago than that,” says owner Dave Jemilio of the killer combo.

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